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Ecosystems Thinking Business Coaching and Environmental Education Workshops

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I facilitate fun, educational group card games and other innovative workshops to enable businesses to transform. And I train others to do the same! These unique workshops and trainings help organisations of all types and sizes gain the much needed science literacy and employee empowerment necessary to accelerate their transformational momentum. Collective intelligence is key! My primary workshops cover : Climate Science and Action (Climate Fresk), textile social and environmental impacts and actions (Textiles UnTangled) and digital social and environmental impacts and actions (Digital Collage).

My current roles include: Climate Fresk professional facilitater, certified facilitator trainer and Climate Fresk USA co-cordinator, Co-creater (pedagogy engineer) and coordinater for Textiles UnTangled (Fresque du Textile) @ Green Donut and Super Eggxpert @ Super Egg Collective. I facilitate other workshops such as LBI's Eco-challenge, and Ecological Renaissance. I am a BCorp B-Leader and trained in Carbon Imprint Reporting Module 1 (ABC).

Before my ecological awakening (Thanks to the Climate Fresk!) I worked for over a decade in digital, innovation, product design (lean and agile) and company culture and organisational change (facilitation and coaching). I now use my expertise to help businesses understand the essentiel environmental and social knowledge necessary to transform their business models and move towards a fully integrated ESG culture and mindset change. My life is dedicated towards helping facilitate change towards a fair, resilient, and joyful world. I believe that the climate emergency is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced and everyone has their role to play and super power to contribute to this Ecological Renaissance. Including... you!

Based in Paris. Born in the USA. But available world wide. Je parle français courament y un poquito de español. Follow me on instagram and check out my sporadic tweets.

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Many of my workshop interventions are done under confidentiality. I have had the pleasure to intervene in many sectors including: energy, industry, banking and insurance, retail, construction, digital, textile, international consulting, event management, government, medical, and education.

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"I'm very happy to have discovered with my team from Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation the powerfull tool of "The Climate Fresk" (La Fresque du Climat) at the Fondation GoodPlanet in Paris. Even if the topic of climate change is one of my biggest concerns and I'm trying to learn as much as I can on this subject, I still learned a lot of new information and this workshop gave me new clues for my everyday decisions that impact our future. Thank you Sheila Suarez de Flores!" - Diana Platon, International System Development Manager in Technical Insulation @ Saint-Gobain

"Thank you for this great workshop! We didn’t see the time pass. This tool [Textiles UnTangled] is a powerful support for raising awareness and training for internal changes. The team is very motivated and we are ready to go to step 2! This overall vision is a good preamble to eco-design." – Maxime Lerbut, Sustainability & CSR Manager @ Promod

"The Fresco of the Ecological Renaissance connected so many of the sustainable ideas and practices I've learned about into a visual representation and showed how it might look if these were all put together. It made me excited for a future like this! Sheila did a great job and was a knowledgeable and courteous facilitator!" - Anonymous working in Marketing Sector

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