Sheila Suarez de Flores

A Passionate Coach and Learning Machine

Picture of me hanging out in my hood

Sheila is a team, business and product vision coach specializing in lean and agile methodologies and has more than 10 years experience in the digital realm. She is nondogmatic and methodology agnostic, keeping pragmatism and people at the heart of her work. In past lives, she was a designer (UX, UI and print), developer, product owner and team manager. She is also a Swing Dancing teacher. Because, why not? On her mission to learn forever, Sheila enjoys way too many things, including writing, photography, cooking Yotam Ottolenghi recipes, travel, crafts, craft beer, art, doggies and reading.

Based in Paris. Born in America. But available world wide. Elle parle français courament y un poquito de español. And tweets sporadically

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